Counselling with Chris MacDonald

Parents 23rd April 2018


What to expect:

It is not unusual for young people who present with behavioural issues to get worse before they get better. This is something you need to know in advance. It is part of the therapeutic process.


Please be aware that I offer my client, the young person, confidentiality. This means I will not be able to share anything the young person has told me with you, or talk about their progress in anything but the most general terms. I also share with my young clients any conversation I have had with their guardians. I will endeavour, where appropriate, to invite the young person to share information with their guardian. There are times, however, when a young person's story or situation falls into an area of concern where I may be legally required to inform a combination of the following: parents, police, social services or the client's doctor. A child protection issue is an example. Where this is appropriate I will try to speak with the client first and encourage them to speak to the relevant body, however I do not need their permission to take the matter further if I decide to. This is usually done in conjunction with my supervisor.

The BACP requires me to have regular supervision. This means I take my work and present it to a qualified supervisor to aid my progress with clients, maintain my professional development and to ensure I work in an ethical manner. Currently I receive 2 hours supervision a month. I maintain client anonymity with my supervisor, this means the supervisor will only know my clients by their first name and so will not be identified. My supervisor will tell me if she thinks she may have an idea who I am talking about and at this point we will stop discussing the client. So far this has not happened.

I practice a non-threatening method of counselling. Please do not be surprised if your child reports that all they did in the first few sessions was 'play games'. I use the first few sessions to build up a good rapport with younger clients. Games initially have a practical role to play in this. During the games I will be gently exploring the client's issues.

Cancellation fees:

Please note a cancellation fee may be charged, as follows:

Less than 24 hours notification = 25
Less than 7 days notification = 15
More than 7 days notification = no charge

All cancellation fees to be paid at the start of the following session.

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